Business training, mentoring and support is provided to support the development start-up biotechnology and digital health companies.

To address the needs of our various clients, BIG operates first to completely understand the short and long term goals of our client and to collaboratively address solutions that serve  successful outcomes.  We act as an independent technology advisor and potential partner.  If the solutions and resources to successful outcomes anticipate a relationship with BIG, then our team is prepared to act.  If unusually favorable opportunities develop BIG will involve its private equity and capital networks. 

Our Technology Partnerships are broad and offer high value networking contacts to synergistic intellectual property resources, technology management resources and introductions to private equity, various capital networks and corporate venture resources.  

Market demands in the renewable energy sector currently offer unusually favorable opportunities to advance the manufacturing of renewable fuels from biological waste.

Research & Development including clinical studies design and support, pharmaceutical and medical device contract manufacturing. Digital Integration of Clinical Diagnostics.

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