Entrepreneurial Services 

The Austin region provides an unusually favorable business and entrepreneurial climate for establishing a digital or biotechnology based early stage company. The Bluebonnet group offers a wealth of high value educational programs, mentoring and management resources for our client companies. The management of the Bluebonnet group has successfully launched over 35 companies in the last 16 years in the mid-west and Texas and currently maintains about 8 companies in its technology management portfolio. The Bluebonnet Group is networked with high value partners to bring a wealth of services to its client companies. These services include: business plan development and implementation through early stage management, marketing and financial services. The Bluebonnet group maintains a network of Private Equity resources and can provide introductions to capital resource providers. The group serves the needs of its biotechnology clients through introductions to the resources required to take its products through the Food and Drug Administration. These involve regulatory consultants in both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The Bluebonnet Group works closely with its clients to assure that the technology specifications required for space and laboratory instrumentation are validated and properly documented. 

Renewable Energy

The move to independence from fossil fuels is complex and will take significant investment in the various technologies to accomplish. The Bluebonnet Group views a significant component of the renewable energy problem as an extension of biology and the discipline that it brings to the management of biological waste and feed stock conversion.   For the last 10 years the leadership of the group has worked closely with the development of biofuels and the technologies and economics of various feed stock conversions to biodiesel. The Bluebonnet Group has extended its management expertise through partnerships with significant engineering resources for the development of new biomass conversion paradigms that use of heat and pressure to generate bio-crude from biological waste. The supply market and off take market offer unique potential for the sourcing of raw materials from municipal waste facilities and the purchase by refiners of the bio-crude. Regulatory demands require that the refining industry produce a defined portion of its product from renewable resources. The engineering and geotechnical partnerships of Bluebonnet Group working in synergy with the established biotechnical disciplines insure a continuum of technology support, management and consulting from biological waste to crude production.

Real Estate

The availability of wet lab space to meet the specifications of the life science companies is always limiting and there is an emphasis to see this type of space developed in the business friendly confines of central Texas. The Bluebonnet group works closely with informed real estate developers especially those that are active in the build-out of space that can be adapted to life science companies. In our immediate technology park are we currently have over 100,000 SF of space dedicated to wet and dry labs and Good Manufacturing Practice pharmaceutical manufacturing.   The Bluebonnet group is working with developers from Los Angeles and Houston in various activities to extend this footprint to 250,000 SF.               

Technology Partners

Bluebonnet Innovation Group, LLC

Biotechnology and Life Sciences 

In collaboration with our various technology partners, our team of experts can deliver solutions for life science companies at any stage of its development. BIG works in with well-established private and public sector collaborators to address the needs of any company looking to start or relocate into the central Texas region for its further development. Our biotechnology commercialization partnership with the Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center and the city of Georgetown offers unusually favorable opportunities for startup companies as well as established companies to develop in a supportive environment. The Center contains 10 life science companies at various stages of development that occupy over 36,000SF of laboratory and office space. The Center has attracted other technology based companies to the city and developers have constructed 60,000SF of additional "bioflex" space that can be built out to the specifications of the company. The organization of the space can accommodate start-up companies that are looking for a bench to lease by on a month to month basis to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies demanding Good Manufacturing Practice space to manufacture FDA approved formulations for use in clinical trials. The TLCC under our management has graduated 3 companies that have gone on to the successful completion of various clinical studies. The Bluebonnet group has generated state grant funding for the development and implementation of work force training and technology based workforce development programs. These programs initiated with the Austin Community College operate to provide a technically trained work force in support of our biotechnology companies.   

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